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Strawberry Boba- The Ultimate Pink Drink

Updated: Jun 2, 2020


  • 5-8 Strawberries

  • 1/4 cup of cane sugar

  • 6 tbs of tapioca starch

  • Hibiscus tea of your choice (I used the trader joes white pomegranate )

Blend your strawberries until completely liquefied. Add up to a tablespoon of water if needed

In a saucepan heat up 3tbs of your mixture, when hot add 3Tbs of tapioca starch and stir until it mostly disappears then add the remaining starch. it will look sort of crumbly but don't panic.

Place onto the counter and knead until it even in texture and color and can be rolled out. Then roll it out, cut into small pieces, and roll into balls.

Boil for 15-20 minutes, then remove the pearls and put them in cold water, but keep the thick tapioca water. Add the sugar to the water and simmer until its thick, syrupy, and completely dissolved.

Dump out the ice water and then add your syrup to your pearls. Brew your pink tea, add pearls and there you have it!

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Hi! I love your tiktok and I’m so excited to try and make this 🥺 it looks so good!

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